Growing and Combining Chicks with Older Hens

Published On: July 16, 2023 | Categories: Learning, Livestock |

Got new chicks in April 2023.  Kept them in a plastic swimming pool with chicken wire on top in a heated shop for 6 weeks until finding a bay in the old grainery.  The outside playpen was next to the older hens and roosters so the chicks and hens got to “see and meet each other” before being combined.  When I did combine them together, I moved all the new chicks to the older larger hen house with the rooster.  I made sure they had mulberries and watermelon to peck on as a good food treat distraction.  There was some pecking and segregation of the new chicks and older hens for a week or so but now weeks later they are all playing and free ranging together.  Also all roost on the same roost.  Rooster also has not picked on the new chicks as I did have some concern about.