Forage mix drilled into existing pasture

Published On: June 1, 2022 | Categories: Livestock |

Drilled June 1st 2022.  Picture taken mid August 2022.   Millborn Seed “Ranch Hand” 10 way mix of Sorghum Sudangrass, sunflowers, common vetch,millet, turnips, oats, winfred brassica, clover, flax.  3 acre experiment…came up good but not enough moisture in the summer of 2022 to keep it going in between the established grasses in the pasture and old cattle yards.  Good growth and grazing value for the areas I could irrigate with a hose and sprinkler from the cattle water tank!

Would do it again especially in a year with more moisture…as the cool season grasses slow down growth in Summer some of these C4 plants in the mix like Sudangrass and Sunflowers grow quick and provide another level of height in the pasture collecting more sun and cooling the grasses and leaving no ground exposed to the hot summer sun.  Also grow fast and provide quick forage!