Drone Spraying Corn

Published On: July 8, 2023 | Categories: Row Crops |

Spraying foliar feeds on corn Saturday 7/8/23 before tassling to start in the coming week.  Truck and Trailer setup, experimenting on best way to setup trailer but need to have a generator to recharge drone batteries, pump for the clean water to inductor mixing tank, and pump from mixing tank to agetate the mix as well as hose to fill up the drone…should add fold up steps to trailer too instead of using a ladder or just having a big step on and off trailer all day.  Some are building an upper deck to the trailer to land drone on and refill…this would help to see the whole field and over corn a lot better.   The drone has some connection issues with the remote if you are too far over hills and are not in sight of the drone.